We have solutions for every sized business, make your business smart by combining security with intelligent management options like video surveillance, access control, energy managements, intrusion detections, and more.  Get instant alerts on your smart phone and always know what’s going on with your business.​

Powering the Smart Business

Intelligent automation and control of all elements of your business: security system, thermostats, lights, door locks, cameras and more

Smart Thermostat

Keep energy costs low while keeping your business comfortable. Easy to set schedules and rules, your thermostat can adjust to the proper temperature in each zone throughout the day.  Never forget to turn off the air at close of business

Exterior Video Camera

Watch live-streaming and recorded HD video from the app. You can view multiple locations in one dashboard and easily jump right to a specific clip to see exactly what you’re looking for.  

Dome Video Cameras

Get 360-degree visibility in the heavy traffic areas of the business. With 24/7 recording and cloud hosting, you can have confidence that your video footage will be safely stored and accessible when you need it.

Image Sensor

The image sensor snaps a picture when motion is detected – such as when someone enters the office or moves behind a desk – and sends it to you.

Temp Sensors

Place temperature sensors in any area of the business where you need to optimize the temperature. This can also help regulate the temperature in areas that are otherwise prone to being too hot or cold.

Smart Locks

Fully integrated commercial-grade locks help keep offices, stock rooms, and delivery doors secure. Easily assign unique lock codes for employees, or remotely lock and unlock doors for staff and deliveries at any time.​

Door Sensors

Know whenever a sensitive area of the business – such as an office – is accessed, and know if there’s activity when there shouldn’t be.  Restaurant owner?  Know when someone leaves the freezer door open.​

Rear Door Cameras

Get extra visibility for secluded or hard to monitor areas, such as the rear entrance. Know when deliveries are happening or employees are coming to work or taking too many smoke breaks.​