The Castle Connected Home Standard

With your Castle Connected Smart Home, always arrive to a well-lit home. Stay comfortable and save energy with easy to schedule and manage smart thermostats. When a visitor arrives, see and talk to them from the easy to use app on your phone. And receive personal alerts – all from an award-winning app powered by

The Castle Connected Standard includes:

  • 2GIG Edge Control Panel & Security System
  • 2GIG Smart thermostat
  • Go Control Smart Light Switches
  • Smart Video Doorbell

Your Castle Connected security solution keeps your family safe, and you can arm or disarm it remotely to let a visitor in.

This system is not only smart, it’s intelligent and can react to security events–for example, the fire alarm can shut off the HVAC to prevent smoke from spreading through the house, turn on the lights in the house and unlock the front door to allow the family to get out quickly and safely while flashing the front porch lights to let the fire department easily see what house is in trouble.

This is just one example of the hundreds of custom intelligent scenes you can set with the Castle Connected Home Systems. Your system can also send personal alerts of any security event taking place in your home.

State of the Art Security System 

Industry-first face recognition disarm with a fast and powerful processor delivering amazing rich colors on a brighter and larger screen.

Sleek, thin design is easy-to-use with updated and intuitive UI providing one button access to smart home functions.

Superb audio quality with twice the speakers, double the microphones. Added noise and echo cancellation with two-way communication.

2GIG Encrypted (eSeries) and Unencrypted sensors 

Integrated Z-Wave Plus 700 V2 (700 series) with the ability to create and execute scenes and schedules.

Integrated LTE Cellular radio compatible

Optional Packages

Peace of Mind
Watch It

Music By The Room
Music on Deck
Music Under The Stars
Movie Time
Water Warden

Smart Thermostat:

Stay comfortable while saving energy, easily controlled from anywhere in the world.

Video Doorbell:

See and talk to your visitors from anywhere in the world!

Smart Lighting:

Easy to create schedules and scenes, never come home to a dark house.

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