Who We Are

50 Years of Experience

Castle Protection & Automation are industry veterans with over 50 years of combined experience in the security and home automation industry.

Certified Technicians

We never use 3​rd​ party companies to do our work! Our technicians are certified, insured, and highly trained.

State of the Art Monitoring

Our security systems are connected to a state of the art monitoring center that is a U.L Listed Central Station, with a UUFX Rating. Response in seconds, not minutes.

Encrypted security panels and sensors

We use only Encrypted security panels and sensors. eSeries products have hack-proof encryption features that gives our customers additional peace-of-mind. Our eSeries sensors utilize a best-in-class security framework that many consider the most secure in the industry. Even with the right tools and knowledge, a malicious person cannot tamper with the system.


"Thanks Castle Protection for installing our system so quickly and professionally.  It is working great!  Look forward to installing additional hardware in the near future."

Andrew Tyack

"The whole process was simple, easy, and executed and installed quickly. The app and controls that were set up for us by Castle are super easy to use, and we would highly recommended this team to others."

Michael Brandon

"The installation team was quick and performed a seamless installation with all wires hidden and no damage to our walls or other parts of the house."

Andrew Warfield 

"The automation is huge for us especially when we forget to turn a light on for our pups if we get back after dark. The knowledge and service is even better!  Highly recommended."

Dale Slimick and Becky Elmore