Peace of Mind

Includes a motorized front doorlock, garage door control, IP camera, and a smart light switch in the garage.​

When a visitor arrives, see and talk to them from the app.  Choose to let them in either the front door or the garage door all while watching them on the camera.​

Smart Doorlock

  • Unlock by entering your pin code on the backlit, touchscreen keypad and tap to lock the door behind you​
  • Create up to 25 unique pin codes to share with family and friends​
  • Remotely open the door to let someone in from anywhere in the world from the app on your phone.​
  • Several different styles and colors available

Camera w/ Enhanced Video Analytics

Get smarter video alerts on what’s most important to you.​

Video Analytics distinguishes people from animals or vehicles and enhances perimeter security and property awareness.  Get a video alert if someone lingers at your door, a car enters your driveway or your naughty pet jumps on the sofa.​

Garage Door Control

The new GoControl GD00Z-8-GC Garage Door Remote Controller Accessory offers the latest in control and convenience. The controller is compatible with most of automatic garage door opener connected to a sectional garage door. Open and close the garage door remotely  via the app on your phone. ​

Providing both audible and visual warnings prior to door movement, the GD00Z-8-GC meets UL 325-2010 safety requirements. These built-in measures make this a safe way to remotely open and close a garage door. ​

The GD00Z-8-GC offers new features such as Z-Wave Plus S2 encryption that provides a more secure method of communication between hub and gateway for added security.