Movie Time

​TV and movies will sound amazing with high performance audio from 5 in-ceiling speakers pointed directly at the main listening area along with an in-wall subwoofer that won’t take up a single inch of floor space

Movie Time adds a high performance 5.1 surround system with in-ceiling speakers, in-wall flush mount subwoofer system, and a Denon surround receiver.​

Subwoofer System

  • Designed to operate as a system with the rack mounted subwoofer amplifier, the new SpeakerCraft® subwoofer is a 520 Watt vibration-free performance statement designed exclusively for In-Wall applications. Wrapped in a cabinet so thin and sophisticated that you can tap into all that power with virtually no mechanical vibration whatsoever. And bass performance that can play your movies, music and games with the kind of accurate reproduction that shows no favoritism. 
  • This In-Wall Subwoofer has been created so that the subwoofer, the amplifier, and even the remote control are purpose-built to work together harmoniously. Each component complements the other to provide the best performance characteristics possible. With Custom Digital Audio Adjustment, you can create your perfect sound profile, with simple-to-use functions designed  specifically to tailor the bass to the current mood. Packed with proprietary features like StillBass that eliminates mechanical noises and Frequency Filtration Design (FFD) found in the dedicated matching amplifier. You will really be able to appreciate the sound quality as the SC-HRSIW8-CAB takes lows to an all-new high.

5 Speakers

By angling the drivers 15 degrees, we are able to point the speaker at the listener even though it’s facing down. The imaging effects are just about as good as what you get from a conventional speaker and in some ways even better. You can also pivot the tweeter to fine-tune the direction of the sound. Includes Thin-Bezel Grilles held by Neo Magnets.​

AV Receiver

Designed for 4K or 8K setups, the Denon AVR-X1700H delivers the ultimate 3D audio home theater/gaming experiences and supports the latest HDMI specifications.

Powerful, discrete 7-channel amplifier

Delivers maximum performance and 80W per channel to provide the classic and dynamic Denon sound experience.

Full 3D audio support with virtual surround sound 

Enjoy immersive 3D audio with Dolby Atmos®, Dolby Atmos Height Virtualization Technology, DTS:X®, and DTS Virtual:X™.

Advanced 8K HDMI video with eARC support 

Three 8K inputs support the latest HDMI specifications—8K/60Hz, select 4K/120Hz pass-through, VRR, Dolby Vision™, HDR10+, ALLM.