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Disclaimer Notice - (Form 113)
Kenneth Kirschenbaum, Esq., Tel. No. (516) 747-6700
Licensed by the State of Florida, Dept. of Business & Professional Regulation
License No.: EG13000253
8388 S. Tamiami Trail, Suite 60
Sarasota, Florida 34238
(866) 780-6981
The undersigned acknowledges that a representative of CASTLE PROTECTION & AUTOMATION LLC (hereinafter referred to as “CPA” or “ALARM COMPANY”) has explained additional equipment, systems and protection that may be available from CPA, for additional charges, and the undersigned has had sufficient opportunity to consider the additional services that may be available, and has decided not to request or contract for such additional equipment, systems or protection. The additional equipment, systems and protection discussed included but was not limited to the following:
  • hard wired systems
  • wireless systems
  • additional contacts
  • motion detectors
  • home automation
  • electrical surge protection
  • battery backup
  • video surveillance
  • audio surveillance
  • audio/video systems
  • data storage and retrieval
  • access control
  • smoke, carbon monoxide, water, heat, temperature
  • video monitoring
  • cellular/ radio backup
  • latest technology
  • independent secondary systems
The undersigned acknowledges that:
  • Not all of the above services are available or offered by CPA but the services and equipment were brought to the undersigned's attention and the undersigned declined such services or the opportunity to obtain the services from other security companies.
  • That CPA has explained that it has no control over communication pathways such as telephone lines, VoIP, Internet, radio or cellular. Not all communication pathways are available in all areas and all communication pathways are subject to failing. If available CPA has discussed alternative communication pathways and Subscriber is responsible for selecting the available communication pathways.  The security system will not communicate if the communication pathways are not working.
  • That CPA is not responsible for the security or privacy of any wireless network system or router and that wireless systems can be accessed by others and it is the undersigned’s responsibility to secure access to the system with pass codes and lock outs. 
  • That CPA has advised undersigned of any permits required for the alarm system and monitoring, and undersigned acknowledges that it is undersigned’s responsibility to obtain and maintain all required permits and pay any false alarm or other fines related to the alarm systems or service.
  • That smoke detectors and other battery operated devices must be checked monthly and batteries replaced at least annually and that the undersigned is responsible to check and replace batteries. 
  • That CPA has explained all components, operation and use of the alarm system to the undersigned’s satisfaction.
  • That if audio or video devices are installed, the undersigned has been advised to independently ascertain that the audio or video devices are used lawfully.  CPA has made no representations and has provided no advice regarding the use of audio or video devices
If CPA is taking over this system installed by anyone other than CPA:

CPA has inspected the security and or fire alarm system, reported non-operational components, and:
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